Chemical Plant, South Carolina

OvoControl® P Case Studies


South Carolina has a highly developed chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical plants are typically characterised by large scope and extensive facilities and structures. 

The Problem
The plant is relatively isolated from other commercial or residential activity. Site management had tried and failed with other techniques to control the pigeons. There were an estimated 200 pigeons at the plant loafing and nesting on different structures at the start of their program.

The Solution
Beginning in November 2011, a contraceptive program augmented by aggressive trapping to quickly draw down adult bird numbers. A single feeder was installed on the flat rooftop of a utility building, dispensing bait at sunrise each morning.

The Results
Within six months there were just five pigeons remaining at the site. OvoControl (reducing reproduction) in combination with aggressive trapping (increasing mortality) were successful in rapidly reducing the bird burden.


Pima College is a community college located in Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures.

The Problem
Pima’s main campus in the downtown area of Tucson consists of 11 large, low-rise buildings, expansive parking and tree canopies in a park-like setting. Pigeons were widespread on campus, although not concentrated in any particular location, the population at approximately 200 pigeons.

The Solution
Following a site survey, it was recommended an OvoControl population management program with three (3) automatic feeding stations. The feeders were located on three different rooftop locations, targeting the larger flock concentrations on campus.

The OvoControl program was augmented by quarterly trapping.

The Results
OvoControl reduced the population from 200 pigeons to just 5 birds over a period of 24 months. Pima college remains pigeon free.

Pima College
Walla Walla Shopping District using OvoControl



Together with agriculture, Walla Walla also has a history of pigeons, especially in the downtown shopping area. Birds, and what they leave behind, represented a perennial problem for shoppers and merchants.

The Problem
The original population was estimated at approximately 120 pigeons. A variety of abatement measures were installed over the years, but none had any lasting effects. Small
towns generally have well defined and discreet flocks that are easily targeted with an OvoControl baiting program.

The Solution
Introduced and managed by Sun Pest Management in Walla Walla, two OvoControl automatic feeders were installed on the Main Street buildings, in the heart of the shopping district. Subsequently, an additional feeder was
added at the nearby Whitman College campus.

The Results
Within two seasons, the pigeon population was down to a fraction of the starting point. According to Russ Craber, Sun Pest’s CEO, “it was as if someone flipped a switch and
turned the birds off. Using the product enables me to stay ahead of the pigeons, enabling the success of the program overall.”


Located in Laughlin, NV, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino is situated on the Colorado River. The expansive hotel includes 1,400 rooms in a high rise structure. In addition to a large casino and parking facilities, the hotel offers an RV park adjacent to the hotel.

The Problem
For years, pigeons were attracted by the food, quality nesting sites and shade from the intense summer heat. While not a large population of birds, loafing and nesting areas were extensive and pigeon debris represented a perennial maintenance issue, especially in the RV Park.

The Solution
Previous attempts at exclusion and reducing the population were unproductive. Instead, the hotel installed a single OvoControl feeder on top of an outdoor restroom facility in the RV Park. Triggered daily, in the early morning hours when the pigeons are most hungry, the automatic feeder delivers the precise amount of bait required for the population.

The Results
Within one year, there were no longer any pigeons at the Laughlin hotel and RV Park. This kind of performance is not unusual in the desert climate where summertime weather conditions are severe.

Casino Hotel, Riverside Resort